Offi Email


Are you self employed, entrepreneur, professional Independent? The truth is that it does not matter what your work activity is, what matters is the way to communicate with your current and new customers, in a fast, practical and effective way. We introduce you to OffiEmail, a Private Email service integrated with a web page for business, in which you can: - Show your product in a beautifully dynamic way - Your customers can make paid reservations - Your customers can make paid subscriptions - Receive quick payments or world wide transfers - Sending personalized emails, in short, with OffiEmail you will have a business office in the palm of your hands for only $ 2.99 for a year. Do not worry, our team will design and launch your business online for you, so sit back and relax, while OffiEmail organizes your business for you ..
Private Server Personal Email, and web page that works for your budget.

Keep your conversations private.

Offi Email operates under private servers, for this reason there are no applications for our service, to receive notifications to your cell phone, we simply redirect any of your 5 INCLUDED private addresses such as: [email protected], Which will redirect to your mailbox Gmail or Yahoo, to respond to your messages only go to your account Offi Email and respond privately with no possibility of being tracked. Offi Email, never keeps any message, all messages are storage on your email platform, after you delete your messages, these goes to your trash box and in less than 24 hours are permanent deleted from your platform FOREVER !.- This tool offers a Personal Email in Private Server, with HTML area to design and customize each Email and 16,000 Mega bytes of storage. - No annoying advertising, 100% private, with 2 levels of SSL security, Trash box is automatically cleaned.  
This is a personal business tool, adapted for those looking for a fast and personalized way to monetize their personal services directly with their customers.
This service has all the features of the private email service, with the variant that incorporates a system of direct payments via Verified PayPal, also has personalized email autoresponder with the branding image of your service, which gives a touch of beautiful dynamism to your work and presence.
Business Services Integration Tools and Security

Business Page and Private Email

This is a total solution to organize your personal business, among other features the business pages are capable of:
- Customers can make paid appointments - Clients can send money in advance - Contractor will be able from the phone to make budgets, send inventories, send notifications, send prepaid budgets and more.
Business offices are simple to use and you do not need any web 2.0 experience since we put this tool to work for you.